Photo By  Greg Finck

Photo By Greg Finck

Alice is a Photographer that specializes in documenting Weddings with an exquisite and luxurious aesthetic. 

With the help of Film she creates beautiful imagery that reflects not only her creative and artistic side, but also how vulnerable and imperfectly perfect she aims to be. She freezes a moment and brings out the best of it, making art even out of the simplest instant. She’s known for her enthusiastic and natural way of making people fall in love for their imperfections.

Having attended international Workshops of some of the World’s most renowed Photographers like Sylvie Gil, Greg Finck, Jeremy  Chou, Jonathan Canlas, Erich Mcvey, KT Merry, Rylee Hitchner, and others, it allowed her to elevate the quality of Work to a degree where she strives for no less than Excellence.