Alice is a photographer that specializes in documenting weddings and families. 

With the help of film she creates beautiful imagery that reflects not only her creative and artistic side, but also how vulnerable and imperfectly perfect she aims to be. She freezes a moment and brings out the best of it, making art even out of the simplest instant. She’s known for her enthusiastic and natural way of making people fall in love for their imperfections.

Having attended international workshops of some of the World’s most renowed photographers like Sylvie Gil, Greg Finck, Jeremy  Chou, Jonathan Canlas, Erich Mcvey, KT Merry, Rylee Hitchner, and others, it allowed her to elevate the quality of work to a degree where she strives for no less than excellence.


More personal

I believe in love as I get to cherish it everyday with the man on the left. We live together in the center of Lisbon with our seven pets and love to get out for dinner for a good pizza or steak.

We love to travel together and always have a different place on the back of our minds every time we’re back home.

We both have a big sense of humor and always have a reason to make fun of each other. That’s our way of saying “I love you”.

Even though most photographers hate to have their photos taken, I do love to pretend I’m a model for a couple of hours (so does he! Lucky me!) and so I’ve made a decision to have a couple’s photo session every time we travel. Not only to have beautiful pictures together other than the very original selfies, but also to know what you feel behind camera and what works or doesn’t. It has helped me with knowing what makes people comfortable or doesn’t.

Why film?

46931_0014 - cópia.jpg

Well, to be honest I fell in love with film while learning about it and experiencing the dark room and revealing it with my own hands. I felt like I owned the camera instead of the other way around. With digital everything is instantaneous and fast. Which is amazing, of course, no doubt about it! But I believe in something tangible that we can touch and feel with our hands. Something real. And as the days go by I feel more and more the urge to slow down and understand the “why”s of the world. With film my love for photography grew in a way I would never have imagined and all of a sudden I became obsessed by it.

I started to understand about light and how it affected the final photograph. Instead of clicking without care I started thinking about what I was doing and suddenly my photos improved exponentially. The compositions improved as I started looking at the four corners of the photo before deciding it was time to take the photograph. I became a more meaningful photographer, much more appreciative of the small things in front of me that before seemed ordinary. All of a sudden what I photographed had been turned into a physical piece of art. Something beautiful and special that I get to keep for the rest of the days. I believe this is what they call “the magical effect of film”.

Férias Terceira 2016-184.jpg

My happy place

All my life I’ve been influenced by the beauty of Terceira island in the Azorean archipelago. My mother’s from there, so I used to spend every summer playing games and getting my knees and hands dirty from spending the day playing outside in the streets with my now life-long friends.

This photo, for me, symbolizes peace and happiness. I have it hung in my bedroom for a reason. It reminds me of the real genuine moments I spent as a kid, surrounded by nature, animals and friends. This place is the reason why I’m such a crazy animal lover! And I wouldn’t have it in any other way.